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About Us

XMAN Financial Services is a investment consulting firm which always provides a most secure and profitable recommendations for your valuable investments in the Domestic as well as International markets. Specifically in the US Commodity, Forex and Indian Commodity markets, most of our recommendations are based on daily range & weekly range so that chances of winning will get increase. We provide services as per the traders and investors need i.e. Intraday, Positional, Offline, Online, etc .Our wide range of service recommendations such as SMS service , E-REPORT service(email) ,Premium calling service which accommodate demands of every investor/trader. So that our customer could get best profits from our recommendations.


TO MAKE EVERY INVESTOR IN THIS MARKET BE A WINNER. Our Goal is to maximize returns and minimize the risk of getting losses upto the negligible extinct on investments for our customers and we do so by educating them of the trading discipline and robust money & risk management.So that our client could grow their investments as company grows with the help of our strategies and techniques.


We pride for differentiate ourselves from other firms in terms of the quality of our support and services. As we are the only consulting firm which provides E-REPORT service for INDIAN COMMODITIES which contain the Daily and Weekly recommendations. All our recommendations are based on specialized research of fundamental and technical analysis which is provided by our best research team who are having experience of minimum 10 years in this market and are CMT's(Certified market Technicians). Our Research Team always active for 24/7 to get the live updates about the markets major fundamentals or news from all over the world which could affect the market .We are putting that much efforts so that we can provide best possible profitable recommendations to our clients/traders/investors ,that's why we provide Risk reward ratio of 1:3 in our recommendations. And we provide Online/Offline support during market ours.



In SMS service we provide our recommendations via best sms servers in a manner from which every trader can use our recommendations and earn profit from this market.We provide SMS service in following categories :-



Our E-REPORT Contains information/prediction about the full day/week market with specific calls to trade ,trading range,Fundamental news update about the market which could help any Trader's query Like what to (Buy/Sell)?,when to do (Buy/Sell)?,what Stop loss should be maintained?,Can i carry the position?,what would be the future perspective of the market? etc. It's almost cover the all possible expected movement of the market. E-REPORT is made by our experts team with more than 10 years of experience in this market and they uses all Fundamental and technical research knowledge to make this REPORT more accurate and profitable.

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